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eternally stressed semanticist
1 September 1991
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This is the journal that tahnan, when a PhD candidate in linguistics at MIT, used to track the progress of his dissertation; and which, since then, he uses to post occasional thoughts or other news. It might offer insight into the thrill-a-minute world of formal semantics or academia. But since it's not anonymous, it's more likely that it'll bore to tears anyone without a serious interest either in tahnan or in formal semantics.

Incidentally, to my irritation, I discovered that (a) when I give my birthday as September 1, 1999, the day I became an eternally stressed semanticist by starting grad school, LJ won't let me display it because I'm under 14; (b) I can't leave the start date for a school unspecified, nor give it as "xxxx"; (c) I can't specify the end date for a school I'm at currently but will not be at after a date in the future. Stupid restrictive code.

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