eternally stressed semanticist (cqs) wrote,
eternally stressed semanticist

Oh, Human Resources...

Teaching has been going at least passably well. The students seem attentive, I think they're understanding the material—I mean, we'll find out for certain when they turn in Homework 1.

At this point, the biggest frustration is not having an email account or access to the course website. This morning, I got mail from Heather telling me that I am (at last!) in the system, so I went to the Blackboard site to log in. No luck. It seemed to be taking my registration, but I couldn't log in, using either my ID number or the standard first-initial-last-name. Hm. So off I went to the help desk in the library (which I had to semi-sneak into, since of course I don't have an ID card yet, either). The guy at the help desk checked to make sure I was in the system, which I was, and took me to a computer to log in...which I couldn't. After some more poking around, he discovered why: HR had set up the account for F.Last, but somewhere along the way swapped my names and put me in the system as L.First.

Apparently it's already being looked into and should be resolved by tomorrow morning. In the, it's always something, isn't it?
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