eternally stressed semanticist (cqs) wrote,
eternally stressed semanticist

Very, very confused

Hey there. I was going to post something linguistics-related but not really related to my work; and then tonight I started staring at something in a published paper—in two papers, actually, since Paper B picks it up from Paper A—and suddenly realized it doesn't work. Huge empirical flaw. Like, drive-a-truck-through, wrong-truth-conditions flaw. And I have read and reread and rereread these papers for nearly five years without noticing before, which makes me wonder how I missed it, and how the authors missed it, and the reviewers, and the editors of the respective journals (Journal of Semantics and Linguistics & Philosophy—not journals known for their lack of attention to detail). And therefore makes me think I'm misanalyzing this now.

So. I'm likely to send email to a few people, but in the meantime and just in case: are there any (semi-)professional semanticists reading this, who'd be willing to check my math here?
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